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The North San Diego Farmers Market
part of the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead
Certified Farmers Market

Dated: 4/28/2011


You are receiving this email because you are NOT currently scheduled to participate in the MAY 1 North San Diego Farmers Market.

Because of the intermittent schedule the market has experienced lately, we are confirming ALL vendor schedules. WE NEED YOU TO  CONTACT US BY REPLY EMAIL TO CONFIRM YOUR NEXT SCHEDULED MARKET DATE WITH US.

Please reply to this message by email RIGHT AWAY to confirm the next date you are planning to attend the North San Diego Farmers Market.

Updated set-up instructions/vendor FAQs are shown below. Please review these and refer to them before your next date at the North San Diego Farmers Market.

There are items that have been added over the past 2 weeks so PLEASE read the entire notice, even if you feel you have seen this before.


PLEASE become familiar with the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead. We are here to help generate interest in the landmark, and to encourage our patrons to visit and support the Homestead by taking tours and participating in the adjacent activities, which directly support the Homestead. Literature about the Farmstead is always available to vendors and visitors; we are Ambassadors for the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead.

The Sikes Adobe Farmhouse is a State Point of Historic Interest and a City of San Diego historic site that is being restored by the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority to its period of significance the period from 1869 to 1899 which is the time period when it was occupied by the Sikes family. From it we can learn what life was like for the pioneer settlers in San Diego shortly after statehood. The Farmhouse was initially restored in January 2004. In October 2007 it was burned to the ground except for the adobe walls. Rebuilding began in August 2009. The Grand Re-Opening Ceremony was held June 26, 2010.

We wish to thank our Market Sponsors, The Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead.  The Historic Farmstead is owned and operated by the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority.

OFFICIALLY: The "Webb Park Certified Farmers Market" is no longer operating. Those market operations, including its current governing rules and vendor base, have adopted the functional name the North San Diego Farmers Market. Beginning Sunday 4/10, the North San Diego Farmers Market will be operating as part of the existing Certified Farmers Market located at the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead. Their existing Sikes Adobe Farmstead vendor base was fairly small, and the Webb Park vendors have been made to feel very welcome and wanted. The combining of our 2 markets is wonderful for both sides.

Until a formal merger of the 2 markets is finalized, we are operating as:

North San Diego Farmers Market, part of the
Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead CERTIFIED Farmers Market.

We are working toward merging the North San Diego Farmers Market (formerly the Webb Park CERTIFIED Farmers Market) and the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead CERTIFIED Farmers Market.

The intention is for the resulting new Certified Farmers Market to be called: The North San Diego CERTIFIED Farmers Market at the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead. The merged market will be managed by Richard Knudson and Claire Winnick, along with Christine Bass as Market Coordinator. We hope to have all the terms of the merger finalized by the end of May, but operationally we are a "work in progress" as of Sunday April 10.

Additional features of the combined market environment include a rotating availability of: pony rides, trail rides, wagon rides, and tours of the Historic Sikes Adobe Farmstead. And don't forget about our kids jumper from North County Jumpers, and JustaClown Face-painting and Balloons!


As always, we WELCOME feedback, accompanied by suggestions for modifications if that feedback suggests a needed change.

The following IS NOT a complete list:



  • DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 8:30AM. Unloading times are from 8:30am to 9:45am.

  • Call if you are not going to be there by 9:15am. Your space will be reassigned if you are not there by 9:15am and we have not heard from you.

  • We will be setting up in a mowed grassy field area; we cannot plan for where the sun will be or when.

  • We expect you to have the ability to drive up and unload at your stall location, but vehicles will need to be moved to the far end of the parking lot by 9:45am. CERTIFIED FARMERS ONLY will be permitted to keep their vehicles with them.

  • At 9:45am, all vendor vehicles must already be removed from the market area, and the gate to the path leading into the area will be closed. If you arrive after 9:45am, you will have to carry your setup from the parking lot. No vehicles will be permitted to enter the market area after 9:30am.


    • The breeze DOES pick up in the early afternoon, and remains somewhat unpredictable through the end of the market.

  • The market does not provide canopies, tables, chairs or access to power; we provide only the 10x10 space for you to set up in. Vendors are responsible for providing everything used in the set-up and operation of their market display.

    • Generators are permitted, providing they are low-noise and do not produce any odor. Use of a generator in the market must be approved by the market managers in advance; vendors may be required to demonstrate the unit's performance prior to approval.

    • In some areas of the market, optional electrical hookup may be possible. When available, there is a $10 per vendor per market day surcharge (in addition to standard market fees) for vendors requesting the use of a power connection. Vendors requesting to use power provided by the market will be required to provide their own single-length 100-foot 16-gauge (or smaller gauge) outdoor extension cord. The cord must be defect-free (no repairs). If you will be utilizing more than 1 connection, you must also provide your own outdoor power strip. Vendors will not be permitted to "share" electrical connections. Access to power must be arranged for and approved IN ADVANCE; there are a limited number of power connections available and not all areas of the market will have access to power.

  • Always plan on all the "unknown" elements that come along with setting up at a new market location for the first time. Blocks to level tables, shading to block the sun, etc.

  • please note: our market and events are held at the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead and displays will be set up on the Farmstead Grounds. Vendors must consider the following:

    • Field areas may be wet, especially in the morning, and some dusty conditions and/or leaves and twigs on the ground is to be expected. A tarp to lay your items out on while setting up is suggested.

    • Most surfaces, even those that appear level, may have areas with dips and bulges.

    • Some areas may be slightly sloped or not perfectly level; blocks to level table surfaces and/or adjusting one or more canopy legs shorter may be necessary.

    • We cannot anticipate sunny/shady areas throughout the day. If your products are sun-sensitive, you will need to plan accordingly to create your own shade as needed.

  • This is a Historic Landmark. All geological and archeological resources are protected. It is important that the geological features of the area remain undisturbed to ensure a healthy ecosystem. Archeological resources are protected. Removal of any artifacts erases cultural history information of the San Dieguito River Park. Artifacts must be studied in their original location or the information is lost. Relics that remain may have religious value, and the removal of these artifacts can be considered the equivalent of stealing from a church. .

  • This is a Rural/Rustic Farmstead Setting.

    • Please wear closed-toed shoes.

    • Long pants are recommended.

    • Consider bringing insect repellant (not insecticide) for your personal comfort.

    • For safety reasons and to preserve the adjacent ecology, do not wander into un-mowed and/or un-cleared sections surrounding the market area. Un-mowed and un-cleared grasses and brush may occasionally contain snakes (including rattle-snakes), poison oak and other plants, fleas and ticks, as well as various sensitive, threatened, and endangered species of plants and animals. Please remain within the cleared and defined market area.

  • No collecting or removing of any plant or animal; they are protected. It is important not to disturb the ecosystem. Because of the large amount of people who visit the grounds, picking flowers or breaking off a branch can have long-term negative impacts on the ecosystem. For every snake, lizard or insect that is killed or removed, many rodents or other insects will not be eaten and instead allowed to thrive and multiply unchecked.

  • After 3pm, you may pick up your market settlement envelope from the managers; we will NOT be passing these out any longer. Envelopes will not be available before 3pm.

  • Turn your settlement envelope into the market managers AFTER 4:05PM. Settlements will not be accepted before 4:05PM. Please plan to wait while your envelope is checked for completeness.

  • DO NOT BEGIN TO BREAK DOWN BEFORE 4:05PM. The gate to the market area will be reopened at 4:10PM if shoppers are no longer in the area. The gate will not be opened until we are comfortable that risk to the safety of any remaining shoppers has passed.

More details:

  • The Farmstead is located in the very northernmost part of San Diego, bordering on South Escondido.

  • It is directly across the street from North County Fair (JC Penney), right next to the I-15.

  • It is exactly 4 miles from the former market location in Webb Park, Rancho Bernardo (a 5 minute drive)

  • Market Hours are: 10am-4pm.

  • Permanent "vendor spaces" may or may not ever be assigned. Regular participation in a designated market section is the intent, meaning the exact order you set up in within your section (who you are next to or exactly where in the layout you are) may change from week to week, depending on who is scheduled and who arrives earlier or later.

  • We plan on having additional vendor conveniences available eventually, however they may or may not be in place right away.

    • The market provides ice and drinking water for vendors personal use during the market. Please bring your own containers. If you wish to purchase a bottle of water, please see one of the Served Food Vendors in the Food Court. Refills of your own water bottle or cup are unlimited and provided cheerfully by the market managers at no cost to the vendors.

    • Non-potable water is available from faucets located throughout the grounds. Please use your own containers.

    • The market has a VIP Porta Pottie (includes hand-washing facility) located at the North end of the market area. It is available for use by both Vendors and Shoppers. It is kept locked outside of Market Hours, and is cleaned before the market sets up each week.

Directions to 12655 Sunset Drive, Escondido, CA 92025:

  • Take I-15, to Via Rancho Parkway.
  • Turn RIGHT onto E. Via Rancho Parkway.
  • Pass the Shell Station and the Chevron Station on the right; turn right at the Traffic light onto Sunset Drive.
  • Follow the entrance driveway to the right, past the Golf Driving Range.
  • Continue ahead across the wooden bridge, and you will have entered the Farmstead grounds.

click for printable directions

Claire Winnick 858-735-5311
Richard Knudson 619-339-1970
North San Diego Farmers Market Co-Managers

North San Diego Farmers Market
at the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead (farmstead website)
formerly the Webb Park Certified Farmers Market
12655 Sunset Drive, Escondido, CA 92025

2011 North San Diego Farmers Market