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Webb Park Certified Farmers Market & Specialty Faire

Rain - Rain - Go Away

Outlook for Sunday Feb. 20, 2011

Keeping you Up To Date; February 16, 2011

From: Claire and Richard
To: Webb Park Farmers Market & Specialty Faire Vendors
Market Rain Policy and forecast for 2/20/2011


The weather situation is constantly changing as there are four Arctic storms moving into central and southern California.

At this time the forecast is for rain, possibly ending on Saturday and then beginning again next week as the first two storms move through the area.

At this time we do not anticipate rain on Sunday, and plan on a market. This could change with the changing weather. We will monitor and keep you informed.

With rain looming in the forecast for this weekend, we are formailizing a market policy oulining how we will be making decisions regarding holding the Market during inclement weather.

Our policy is 2-layered:

  1. Is there a reasonable expectation that the ground condition and active weather may be detrimental to effective market operations or personal safety, and therefore setting up in one of the Parking Lots should be planned?, or
  2. Even in the parking lot, there is a reasonable expectation that the weather conditions may be detrimental to effective market operations and/or personal safety, and therefore suspending the Market for the day should be planned?

If setting up as usual along the Park Walkway is still reasonable, we would hope that vendors would come out and set up.

However, if a Parking Lot set up was implemented, we would leave it up to each individual vendor to determine whether or not coming out and setting up at the Market would be beneficial for them. At that point, we would set up in the parking lot with no specified layout, first come first serve, setting aside the "certified producer" designated area. Vendors would be under no obligation to come to the market, or to even call in. If you show up, you can set up.

Making the Grass-or-Parking-Lot decision will be determined twice:

  • Saturday afternoon at 4:30pm, and possibly
  • again on Sunday morning at 6:30am.

The assessment will include:

  • is it actively raining currently?
  • is rain predicted to continue during Market Hours?
  • Is the ground already more than wet, but soggy?
  • can the ground be walked on in street shoes without shoes sinking into the grass?
  • will Market Operations likely create damage to the park based on the current condition of the ground?

Keep checking for updated information. It will be provided in the following ways:

  • Via Facebook Post
  • Via Twitter Alert
  • LAST: via banner on the Website.

~ Claire and Richard

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