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Webb Park Certified Farmers Market & Specialty Faire

Food Vendors

Self Audit Checklist

Keeping you Up To Date; February 11, 2011

From: Claire and Richard
To: Webb Park Farmers Market & Specialty Faire FOOD Vendors
Self Audit Checklist Available 

Hello Food Vendors!

We know that the market is due for a Health Inspection; the best way to prepare is to always be in compliance.

To assist you, we have put together a Self Audit Checklist for our Food Vendors. It is available on our website.

Feel free to print off a copy to use as reference on a regular basis. If you need any assistance regarding any of the items listed, please feel free to ask us.
The checklist can be accessed right from our website FORMS page, by clicking on the Food Vendor Self Audit PDF link.

~ Claire and Richard

website: http://www.webbparkfarmersmarket.com 
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